DISCOL Megafauna Atlas

Introduction to the ONLINE version (2001)

Its already ten years ago, when I started to put photographs of deep-sea megafauna of the German DISCOL and (later) ATESEPP projects into an atlas to demonstrate marine biologists the diversity of the megafauna of the Peru Basin (Southeast Pacific Ocean) and 'normal' people the variety of the deep-sea fauna in a manganese nodules area.
Although, only limited knowledge still exists about the taxonomic status of some taxa, I decided to publish the photographs ONLINE on my homepage with the hope that any guest finds a species which look very familiar to him, he already sampled, and he identified in a taxonomic correct manner. On the other hand the photographs might help scientists to identify animals on their image material.
In any case - this ONLINE project lives with your information and ideas. Therefore, don't hesitate and send me an email message! All comments are warmly welcome!
Dr. Hartmut Bluhm
Kiel / Germany

Bremerhaven, 04. September 2001

Dr. Hartmut Bluhm

Introduction to the preliminary version (1991)

Introduction to the print version (1998)